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Enthusiastic software engineer specializing in JavaScript. Experience working as a Full Stack Developer while managing development using Scrum workflow. Experience with React Native, Node, and Spring boot. Managed and assisted an offshore team in upgrading libraries for a legacy app. Graduated from Arizona State University with a strong foundation in algorithms and problem-solving. Seeking to leverage strong communication and development to tackle complex projects and ideas.

  • Languages: JavaScript (ES6 & ES5), Java (Android and Spring Boot), and Objective C
  • Libraries: Express, Storybook, and Bootstrap
  • Front-End Frameworks: React, React Native, Android, and Objective C
  • Databases: Realm, Google FireStore/DataStore and SQLite
  • Taskrunners/Deployment: Gradle, NPM and Circle CI
  • Experience in Git Workflow, Scrum Methodology, and Test Driven Development



Software Engineer II


To: Current

  • React Native project built in TypeScript
  • Wrote native Android and Objective C integrations
  • Worked on Node JS and Spring Boot backend

Worked on the in-app free trial/subscription experience. This led to several hundred free trial sign-ups and over two hundred converting to a full time subscription.

Worked on a two person team to get critical functionality working for Android. This enabled several thousand Android users to start using the mobile product.

Managed an offshore team during a techstack upgrade of our legacy mobile offering. Fixed continuous integration issues, reviewed/tested changes and corrected building and signing issues

Owned text message push notifications end to end. Created a consistent URL to receive and send text notifications by registering a new subdomain. Created delayed notifications to welcome new users.



Bachelor in Chemical Engineering



  • Academic Award Recipient
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude (3.7 GPA)

Talks and Articles

Smart Replies and Actions

Phoenix Mobile & Emerging Tech Festival

Demonstrating the power of natural language processing to automate everyday customer interactions.

Comparing Model View Frameworks


Talking about my experiences with different Model View Frameworks.



Implementing native extension to Node

Created a Hello World as a C native extension to Node using Node Gyp.


Approximating heat transport phenomenom on an Android device.

Github project for heat mobile application

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